About Kristi Casteel VVWRA

1372109553_77157_1453285938607_1427056207_31018787_139244_nFor over a decade, Kristi Casteel has provided her services to the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) in Hesperia, California. As an administrative aide with the VVWRA, Casteel reports to the director of finance and carries out multiple responsibilities. Among her duties are maintaining confidential records and files, writing memorandums, organizing annual events, and distributing meeting agendas. Additionally, Kristi Casteel improves the VVWRA office’s morale by promoting a positive atmosphere and arranging birthday celebrations. In recognition of her accomplishments, she earned its Employee of the Year Award in 2008.

Before joining the VVWRA, Casteel held positions at the Victorville Fire Department and with Black Box Network Services, a telecommunications firm. Moreover, she worked for the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a secretary and board member as well. These experiences taught her about business matters ranging from customer service and public relations to bookkeeping and human resources.

When not at her office, Kristi Casteel enjoys spending time with her family. Some of her favorite pastimes include playing baseball and volleyball, reading, and trying different cuisines. She also teaches Sunday School.


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